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Looking for promotional staff in the UK? You've come to the right place. Here at UK Promotional Staff we specialise in promotional models and help take the pain out of finding staff for your next promotional event. We understand that it is difficult to organise staffing for these events, and because of this, we deal with every stage of the process for you.

To find the ideal promotional staff for your event, you simply search our directory based on the criteria you have - e.g. How many models? Which location in the UK? How many days? Guys, girls or both? Etc. We will have a very comprehensive Staff Search facility on our site, allowing you to find the ideal Promotions Staff for your event.

You can search using many criteria so you can find the ideal promotional staff. Our intelligent search system will find the best models that suit your specific search criteria, and provide the models that are closest to your event, so as to save on cost. Our online quote system also ensures that travel costs and accommodation are taken into account where applicable so you know that there are no extra charges within the quote.

Promotions Staff in the UK Wanted

If you are a promotions model (guy or girl), please complete the promotional staff enquiry form, or look at our promotional staff wanted section, and we will contact you when we receive a booking that would suit you. Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can find work for you, and so that we do not have to contact you to complete your details in our promotional staff database.

Promotional Model Search

Use our search form on the right to find the ideal promotional models to hire for your next UK-based event. We source the best promotional staff and provide you with a comprehensive, simple way to search for and hire promotions staff.

If you have very specific requirements, please either contact us by email or telephone.


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